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  • Laminated timber

    Timber is an ecological material which does not place strains on the environment and is easy to work with. The load bearing capacity and durability of laminated timber exceeds that of usual materials. Laminated timber can be readily combined with reinforced concrete, stone walls as well as steel structures. Laminated timber is both lighter and more airy than concrete. As laminated timber materials consist of glued lamellas detached from the core, the dangers of cracking have been brought to a minimum. The mechanical properties of laminated timber far exceed those of regular timber products.


    Primary advantages of using laminated timber are as follows:

    • Glue laminated timber is stronger and more durable than ordinary timber
    • Glue laminated timber is not prone to cracking or drying
    • Glue laminated timber does not alter shape or bend when drying
    • Glue laminated timber is not susceptible to deformations due to weather conditions: rain, wind, cold, heat etc.

    Each product comes complete with a set of factors influencing its use. For more details see below.